Quick tip: Stalking Instagram (Part 1)

Instagram is an amazing resource for discovering new art. It can also be totally overwhelming. One easy way to find new artists is to pay closer attention to the comments on the posts from the artists you already love.

I can almost guarantee that the artists you love are also being followed by other artists, many of whom probably share some qualities of subject matter or style.  

Take this post from artist LeeAnne Wright. The first two commenters are other artists, which didn't surprise me at all. This happens more often than you'd think, and it's how I've discovered several new favorites. (Coincidentally, the third comment is from the gallery through which I originally found LeeAnne's work. The Instagram rabbit hole is circular!)

Lest you think that was a fluke, here's a post from artist Marc Pekala:

Again, several of those commenters are artists. And since Marc's style is very different from LeeAnne's, it shouldn't be surprising that his followers have a different style than her followers too. Of course, in neither case is the commenters' art a match for LeeAnne's or Marc's. That would be lame. But there are similarities, so if you love Marc's style, you could very well find a new favorite among these commenters, and the same goes for LeeAnne's.

Collectors, have you discovered any favorite artists through Instagram? Who?

Readers, I'm always looking for more of these quick tips. They can be about anything related to art collecting: finding art, purchasing art, hanging art, living with art... you get the idea. If you have a one you can share, please shoot me a note from the Contact page.