Stripes & dots: Calming

There's something appealing about some of the simplest motifs out there--the simple stripe and the unassuming dot. Here are a few that caught my eye if you're looking for something calming and neutral. 

1. Deborah Newman Draped [$1,500]  2. Nicole Cohen Diving Board print [starting at $60]

3. Louise van Terheijden Blue Bubbles [$148] 4. Laura Hendricks Gold Moon print [$60]
5. Erin Clark Maybe the Islands [$950]

6. Alan Jackson Clouds Pass, Rain Falls [$3,000]  7. Hannah Perrine Landmarks print [$150]

Ah, so relaxing! I'll follow up with some the same general motifs in livelier color schemes for a very different effect in the next few weeks.

Collectors, who are your favorite artists who use these motifs?