Stripes & dots: Energizing

I'm back with more of these simple motifs, this time in palettes that liven up a space:

1. Ann Marie Coolick Confetti Polka Daubs [sold] 2. Gina Julian Prep School [sold]
3. Jonathan Lewis Sweethearts print [starting at $24]

4. Ruth Adler Pink Center Circle print [starting at $325] 5. Milton Shinberg India Monk on Steps print [$95]

6. Taylor Cox Beach Palette [sold]  7. Martina Nehrling Spellbound [$1,400]
8. Erin Clark Cali no. 6 [$400]  9. Kristi Kohut Dots 5 #2 print [starting at $15]

Collectors, what other simple motifs do you like?