Matchmaking: Art for Sheila Bridges

Sheila Bridges is an interior designer in NYC who does high end, classic style with a serious twist. Her designs have a lot of traditional elements like gorgeous molding, antique furniture, and pleated drapery--but in vibrant colors, with surprising fabrics (like her own Harlem Toile design), and featuring gutsy art choices. 

For those that don't know her, here are a few shots from Sheila's portfolio to give you a sense of her style, and her use of art:

As you can see, there's a lot of variety among Sheila's art choices, but if you flip through her portfolio, you'll see that she embraces African American portraits and themes, and other ethnic art as well. Many of her choices seem to have a subtle wittiness to them (also visible in some of her wallpaper/fabric designs, like Van Doe and Zwarte Piet). 

I thought it would be fun to pick out pieces that I think would appeal to Sheila and others who love her design work. If you want to emulate Sheila's style art-wise, here are some options that I think would fit in nicely:

1. Deborah Segun Untitled [€350]     2. Imar Hutchins Toussaint [$400]
3. Suhas Bhujbal A Ride [$4,500]    4. Solomon Adufah Warrior II print [starting at $105] 

5. Vintage Moroccan painting [sold as a pair for $1000]     6. Gary Simmons Boom print  [$148]
7. Ellen Priest Jazz: Thinking Out Loud, Reaching for a Song #6 [£4,100]

If you like Sheila's designs, you should follow her on Instagram: @harlemtoilegirl. Her feed is one of my favorites.

Collectors, are you into this aesthetic? Can you recommend other artists or vintage art sources that would work well with this decor style? What other designers / tastemakers would you like to see in a post like this?