Matchmaking: Art for Lauren Liess

One of my favorite interior designers is fellow Virginian Lauren Liess. I don't have the self restraint to actually adopt Lauren's design style to my own home, but she makes it to my favorite list, not only because her designs are gorgeous, but because she's so open about her thought process during the design process. I've learned so much from her blog and her excellent book Habitat: A Field Guide to Decorating. 

For the unfamiliar, here these photos from Lauren's portfolio give you a sense of her decorating style and her use of art, particularly:

As you can see, Lauren usually sticks to a tight, neutral palette of browns and off-whites, with hits of black, greens and blues. She does a lot of gallery walls of pieces that tie closely together, but also uses plenty of larger scale pieces as well (under-represented in my mini gallery here). She uses a lot of botanicals, vintage art, and black-and-white or sepia art and photography. She keeps the framing and matting pretty simple too. I think, in that bedroom image above especially, the consistent matting makers a huge difference in tying together a variety of frames.

If you want to emulate Lauren's style art-wise, here are some options that I think would fit in nicely:

1. Valerie Lueth Young Pines [$175]     2. Lucy AugĂ© Mellow Buttercups [$81]
3. Vintage portrait by Raffaele Frigerio [$395]    4. Valerie Lueth & Paul Roden Daisy Bouquet [$150] 

5. Michael Crouser Ryder Mounting Up [starting at $1000]     6. Vintage painting by Frank Colson  [$225]
7. Eric Rhein 6 Hummingbirds [price on request]     8. Bryan Nash Gill Wasp Wood [$1350]

If you like Lauren's style, make sure you catch the pilot of her show Best House on the Block on HGTV.

Collectors, are you into this aesthetic? Can you recommend other artists or vintage art sources that would work well with this decor style? What other designers / tastemakers would you like to see in a post like this?